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The minimum age to buy beer and wine in Denmark is 16. You just be 18 years or older to have drinks with an alcohol content of more than 16.5%.

Best travelling time

Basically you can go throughout the whole year on holiday to Denmark to enjoy the 4 different seasons. There are year-round cultural events. The Danish summers are pleasant. During the winter, many attractions are closed, but you can enjoy or the Danish winter landscape and the snow.


The capital of Denmark is Copenhagen. Copenhagen is popular among tourists for its colorful houses in the harbor, the historic center and its many attractions.


Denmark has a temperate maritime climate. The wind from the North Atlantic (a warm ocean) usually causes a relatively mild climate, but sometimes the Baltic Sea is covered with ice causing warmer waters are cut off and the winter is severe. The driest period is between late April and early June. When the wind blows from the east in winter, it can be very cold. The lowest temperature ever recorded was -31 ° C. In summer, the temperature by the same easterly winds rise above 30 ° C.


Education in Denmark is free on most educational institutions. In Denmark, there is compulsory education from six years. There are universities in Aarhus, Copenhagen, Odense, Aalborg and Roskilde.

Flying to Denmark

The largest airport in Scandinavia is Copenhagen Airport Kastrup, the airport is 8 km southeast of the center of Copenhagen, with train or subway in 15 minutes to reach. The flight to Denmark from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport: Billund ± 1:00, Copenhagen ± 1:10 hours. From the Netherlands, you can fly to Copenhagen, Billund and Aalborg.


In Denmark there are the same sockets as used in the Netherlands and Belgium (220 volts - 50 Hz). You do not need separate plugs.


Denmark, officially the Kingdom of Denmark, lies south of Norway and southwest of Sweden, with which it is connected by a bridge. Denmark is a constitutional monarchy.


Denmark has a landscape of rolling hills, green countryside, forests, white sandy beaches and more than 400 islands. The largest Danish island is Zealand, where the capital Copenhagen is located. There is a 68 kilometer border with Germany in Jutland. From any point in Denmark is the coast never more than 52 km away from you.


The general health status in Denmark is one of the highest in Europe. Many medical facilities for the residents of Denmark are for free.


Denmark is the least densely populated country in Northern Europe, with 128 inhabitants per km ². Only 20% of the country is populated and almost 20% of the population lives in the capital Copenhagen. Denmark has about 5.5 million inhabitants.


The language in Denmark is Danish, a North Germanic language with dialects. German language is a minority in South Jutland.


In Denmark they have the Danish Krone (DKK). A Krone is divided into 100 Øre. 1 Euro is worth about 7 Krone.

Price level

Denmark is one of the more expensive countries in Europe. However, the differences in prices today is much reduced by the introduction of the euro in other Member States and increasing taxes including the Netherlands.


In the Danish society religion takes a subordinate place, though currently about 84 percent of the Danish population joined the 'Folkekirken', the Evangelical Lutheran Church.


In Denmark you have to be minimaal 18 years old to be allowed to buy cigarettes.


The country code for Denmark + 45.

Time difference

In Denmark it is the same time throughout the year as in the Netherlands and Belgium.


In Denmark, the service fees are included. If you are satisfied you can always give a tip.


The traffic rules in Denmark are almost identical to the traffic in Belgium and the Netherlands.


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